Thursday, 2 June 2011

Lula Laine Birthday @ Velvet

2nd Weekend in May. 

You guessed it right.. it was Laine's Birthday on 16 May.. and Darren a.k.a Ah Chua a.k.a Laine's BF, organised a party at Velvet as this beautiful loves to CLUB. hehe. It was also a very bad week for the beautiful gurl.. so getting her drunk wasn't out of the dictionary. On the other plus side.... another person got drunk too. hehe. (you know who you are). 

There was a mixture of friends there that night...Which was awesome... I love the variety of ppl. hehe. 

Enjoy the picturess! 

With the Birthday Girl... (the one in the hat)


1 comment:

laine said...

Haha...nothing much to do in kl, thats y chose to go to the club :P