Friday, 12 October 2007

Blast from the past!

HaHAHA My brother just scanned this pic of us when we were young.. it was sooo funny i just had to post it up. Quote ' this is a pic of you after you put your finger into a wall plug!' Jonathan Foo says. LOL you crack me me up kor....
It was absolutely not that case... i just woke up and was having a bad hair day!! =P Anyway i hope this pic makes you laugh as well as much as i did!

The younger us! Alisan, Me and Jonathan (the best siblings anyone could as for)

The older versions (not sooo cute anymore!) hehehe
Sisterly love.. =)

I'm missing you guys! hehe... well thanks for everything even though you still bully me i know if you didn't our lives wouldn't be sooo interesting anymore! =D

Till my Next POST peeps see you around!

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