Monday, 15 October 2007

Blogging From Uni!

Hey everyone!
Haha i'm here at the uni using they're service of renting a laptop for three hours just waiting for a special lecture talk. lol.. its the dude from Google! Yay! hahahhahaha so enthusiastic right? Anyway.. just wanted to update for the sake of updating..
I really really really really really missssss my Stttteeeeammbbbboooaaatttt! =( pls someone tah pao for me and bring it here....... So anywho... i miss my babes back in kl lar...=( really miss you guys.. you know who you are ... wei wei, becky, steph, fion, evon, natty,winnie and rehka! pls talk to me more often..... i'm really missing you guys!
This week is gonna be a hectic week for me and i cant wait for north of Wales at the end of the week. Weekend getaway with my mates? wow. that's really nice. however i wished my Malaysian friends would join me too! close enough i've got Dian and Clems.. lol indonesians! well clems is has a little indo in him...
Anyways.. i'm sure i will have fun and i'm sure Junie will have fun in liverpool! haha.
I think i'll be going down to Manchester next time just for a visit and maybe to club with my cousins! Ok then.... nothing else to blog about!
Till next time dudes and dudette's! See you!

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