Friday, 26 October 2007

Wales Part 1

Hi Ya'll!
Okay here's is the update for my North Wales trip! Plenty of words and plenty of pictures! I will divide them day one and day two... and probably not all the pics will be posted up buttttt... you can view them on my facebook. If you don't have facebook get one! =P

Okay. moving on.....
Saturday morning....

Take off from Abbey house @ 0730 destination headingly, infront of summerfields. Haha i woke up late.. and was rushing.. luckly the night before i packed my bags already. i grabbed my milk from the fridge and went down. Met Aydin, Sissi and Chie and headed off to headingly. (it was freezing ofcourse.) Got there and got a sausage roll from gregs and waited for the bus. Took off at 0820. Reached the Conwy at around 1115, Conwy is a medival walled town, now a world herritage site, set ont he Conwy River with beautiful views over the harbour and Snowdonia!

We went to Conwy Castle... it was built between 1283 and 1267, it remains an impressive fortress dominating the town appearing to grow from the rock. My My... it was HUGE! the castle.. i was pretty impressed.. i mean come on? do we get castles in kl? lol i mean like huge towers all connected to each other? i don't think so.. well there was Kelly's castle in Ipoh right? it's just not the same...
And then.... we went to the 'Smallest House in Britain' on the Quayside measuring 72 inches wide by 122 inches high (1.8m X3.05m), this unique house was occupied till 1900. The last occupant was a fisherman that was 6 foot tall. lol.. i cant imagine how he got in. and before him an elderly couple.. COUPLE? how did they sleep? it was sooo small. it was really small!! it's even the Guinness book of records for being the smallest house!

And then... we got back on the bus at 1400 and headed to Llandudno where our hostel is located. I tell you, hostle here is really nice.. not like in Malaysia like shit only.

Then we went for a hill walk! up the GREAT Orme! the view.. was absolutely beautiful...
Then we had dinner and the end of day one!
HEre are hell alot of PICS

These are the pics for now.... i'm too lazy to type captions for them. i'll update tomorrow again.. enjoy!


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