Friday, 12 October 2007

Take me home...

Hiya Peeps,

As you can see from the title of my update i'm home sick.. Actually i'm kind of having a writers block on what to say about home sickness..
Guess its the usual stuff of missing your family and friends and my beautiful homeland of amazing food.
But something deep inside me just feels like screaming... and i don't know what it is.

I was at University today and we had all our group discussions on what we should do and everything. I am finding it quite interesting on how and what i need to do to get 1st class honours when i'm here. I really do want to get a first class honours and make my parents proud.
Thats why i am going to try my really best to achieve that goal.
I know this post is somewhat much more in dept of what i usually post but i was just feeling the urge to write down all im feeling at this particular moment.

Whoever reads this, don't worry... i will be updating my blog with more interesting pics of places i'm going to... Just stay tuned please.

I was given a task to do for one of my subjects that i'm taking. it's called 'consulting in context' is somewhat of what i did back in taylors under marketing and economics. Haha.. i was asked to analyse the macro-environment of Leeds Met. That should be an interesting topic to do! I'll be doing that after i wake up tomorrow morning. It's 2am here now and for you guys in Malaysia 9am haha. just as about the time you guys are to wake up, i'm falling off to sleep.

My Communication Audit seems REALLY interesting to do.. haha can't wait for that.
The one i'm dreading most tho.. is the dissertation.. pfftt.. really really stressed over it. And you know peeps when i'm stressed i'll try to get over it by having fun haha..

So anyway just to let you all know. i'll be heading to the North of Wales next weekend on a Uni Trip, am excited about it but really sad that some of my flatmates are not coming along with me.

Till the next time i update.... catch you guys around!

P.S really sorry for this long long post!

Love you all.

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