Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Hi All,

Sorry for the lack of updates.. just came back from Wales on Sunday night and been busy trying to get all the pictures from people. Still haven't got them all yet, so be patient on that ya? lol
I'm blogging for Uni again, Just had my Comms Audit Group Meeting and i must say i think things are going to go smoothly after the problem i had previously last week. Tropical World cancled on us and we were splitted up by our tutors and placed into different groups! =( bummer...

Anyway, i'm really stressed out for my comms audit, dissertation and my consulting in context... hopefully this will pass. I've got a client meeting tomorrow and then classes on thursday and meeting after that! i then may volunteer for CALMs on friday for an event they are organising for Children! so yea... full week of Fun ahead. Then there is the halloween party at Kirkstall on Sat Night. Woppeee. lol Not sure about going though i mean.. i've never celebrated halloween before soo... hmm i may go! dont know what i'm going to dress as tho. lol

Okay now i'm off for this meeting with different clients around the UK @ Metceno. So i'll probably update my blog tomorrow with Wales Pictures or ssomething!

Take Care all!

Love Ya'z! xx

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