Sunday, 7 October 2007

spagetti n varsity!!

Hey all... Hows everyone? hope you're having great fun and working hard!

ANyway this week i went i made spagetti (left over of ingrediants of the other time i made it) but this time i have PICTURES! LOL... thanks to Aydin our photographer from Turkey! hahaha..

So anyway here are some pics of the cooking and group pics of the girls in my flat.


Frying pan ready!

Heheheheheh i can still pose even though i'm cooking!

Fry fry fry!

Add a bit of Salt!

Group pic! Frm Left to Right - Renu (Nepal), Chie (Japan), Junie (M'sia), Me, Aless(ItalY) and one more Alia (M'sia) she wasn't there!

n some stiring to the pasta!

Hehehe i took this pic!! Aydin is the dude all these pics was taken with his camera!

Okay! up Next is my night out at varsity again... hahaha well actually we were suppose to go to Oceana... buttt.... sadly Aydin was not allowed in becoz of this stupid man in front saying that he's shoes are trainners and not proper shoes... what absolutely BULLSHIT!

so anyway... we took a quick look around and it like had three floors of different clubs and well i guess we were early coz they werent really playing good music!

So we decided to go to Varsity.. and this oceana right.... once you're in you can't go out and come back in.. so mafan. So i had the tickets into oceana that allowed us free entrance and tiger tiger was FOUR POUNDS no way... sooooo yea.. Varsity was free and played good music.

Here are some pics!

Yours truly!

HEHE Girls just wanna have fun! Maria (Russia), Junie and AydinHAHAHAHA Aydin n me.. Me and Maria

Eddy and me... erm.... he was SORTA drunk

So.. that's it for now i guess... i don't think i'll be hanging too much this week... so take care all of you and i miss you guys soo much! Love ya'z.... mwah!


Unknown said...

hey haha
more pics please!

sabrina said...

hahaha i put soooo many up lar kevin... not enough?