Sunday, 14 October 2007

Malaysians in the UK! Lol

Right... everybody! recently spotted in the uk..... a bunch of Malaysians posing in the streets! One who looks like a Chinese but is half Malay half Chinese! (Alia) one who looks exactly like a Chinese (Junie), one who looks like an Indian (Sham), one who looks like a Malay mixed Indian mixed don't know what and what what =) (Elia) and one Dan Lain Lain i think! (Sabrina) haha.

Enjoy the pictures!

A day in town (just went to the Chinese supermarket was then heading for the one in Hare Hills and Junie goes! 'Take picture take picture!!' hahahahba
Moving on to celebrations! Hari Raya Lunch cum high tea cum dinner (they cooked ALOT)
Say Cheese! Left to right - hafiz, me, sham and aydin.

Alia Kak Kak and Chie

The Malaysian Gang in Abbey House Leeds... Don't Play Play... (i'm soooo tall!) =P

Posing time!!! hahahhaa our soooooo clean kitchen!

Malaysians Back Row ; Japanese front! lol

Cheese Number Two!

Ahem Ahem..... Malaysians at what they do best......... POSE!

And that's IT! no more pictures for the day... i'm off to play badminton in an hour... so yea gotta eat lunch, change, wash up... and bla bla bla.. =) till nxt time folks stay tuned!

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