Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Missing England

Hi all,

As you can see from the title of this entry.. i'm really missing England... the people there, my family.. haihz.. i can't do much right? Life in Malaysia is just different from the life i had in England. I guess that's what you call holidaying? the time of your life? lol Anyway.. just wanted to say that i missed it and i miss everyone in England (those that i know)lol.

On another note, thanks to Brian and his friend for getting free tickets to see POTC last night! It was alright the show i must say.. it was a little bit too draggy. But looking at hotties like Orlando and Johnny is pretty satisfying. lol

Oh and i guess you can say that i'm getting use to the weather again.. i've been drinking loads of water coz of this heat. Heat to me, alright to others. lol. Mayb coz i've been in england for two weeks with temperatures of 5 degrees sometimes. haih. how i miss that. But i've got my trusty aircon for me to feel comfortable. Lol.

Alright then don't want to write to long.. need to help mum with the tiles.

till nxt time. byeee

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