Monday, 4 June 2007

Another day of hacking.

Hey peeps.
Get back home and what do you do? you start hacking your floors again. lol.. Today my day was filled with moving the furniture out of the master bedroom into another room and then.. the hacking begins.. i hate it when this begins.. coz it's dusty and smelly and all sorts.. haihz.

I'll be going out later to watch POTC at Cineleisure. Woppee! haha. thanks to Becky (well actually its one of her mates Brian...) lol. Thanks for calling me though! So that's a break from todays work.. phew...

The CPU is still not detecting the network card.. soo.. my bro has to faster fix it so that i can load the pics and post it up here. Or i could always load the pics, save them into my tumbdrive then post the pics up.. but... im so totally LAZY to do that.

I wonder when is my NS letter coming.. hopefully it doesn't but i have a feeling it will ... =(... if it does come.. that means that i will be leaving home again for three months in another two weeks time. =( Then when i get back from that.. off again to Leeds.... what a hectic life. but if that stupid letter doesn't come! then yay! more time for freedom! (hanging out with friends and lazing around) hahaha.

Okay enough of blogging already... need to go back to helping out my mother. oh.. the reason for all this hacking is because we are changing the parkay to tiles... hahahha. okay.
Just a preview of the pics to come from the Wedding and Greg's place post.

Till the nxt entry...... Byeeee...

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