Thursday, 21 June 2007

More of the wedding.

Still bored at home.. need to find a job.. i wouldn't mind a job that doesn't require the brain.. anyone up for hiring me? lol
Anyway..... i've got the pics from my camera already.. so i'll be posting those up..

My sister's wedding was like this. Reception at 1pm, Lunch at 3-4pm then chill till the night session came then........ PARTY! lol.... Anyway.. here are some pics of me with my family members....

Bro being stupid, me and Kath (chief bridesmaid) =)

Me and Johnphillip

Me, my Aunt and Daddy...

Me ( I swear! i wasn't posing.... LOL )

Me and Alistair

From left to right (Johnmichael, Phillip, Lindsey, Lindsey's hubby, Alistair, my bro and Katie) All my cousins. =)

Uncle Steve and I (hehehehehe)

Uncle Steve, Me, Auntie Angela and Bro

Last Pic... Just me... Posing... lol

Okay folks.. that's about it... take care and i'll post up more of England tomorrow!


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