Friday, 15 June 2007

It's the weekend!!!

Hey peeps,

As i'm typing away updating this blog my sister and bro in law are on the way back from the airport! Yay! haha. my sis told my dad that it's friday right? pasar malam right? lol.... guess that's what you miss when you are on the other side of the world?? hehe. So i guess when they get back to the house we will be going there.

Anyway... it's the weekend peeps!!! im sure many of you have loads of plans this weekend for those people that i know. i know you'll be very happy it's the weekend as you are all working during the week! haha. give me a ring and lets hang? As for me... i'll probably be meeting up with my childhood (more like since i was born) friend over the weekend. She's been in Ireland studying medicine... can't wait to catch up and talk about how we are going to meet over the holidays when im in England end of the year. hahaha.

Ok then... Enjoy the weekend people!! It goes by real fast when you're having fun you know?? so don't have fun! hahahaha... *lame*

Till nxt time take care all.

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