Tuesday, 19 June 2007


I'm totally bored to death... gosh i need a job and i need it quick or I'll die from this boredom!

Today we (dad, mum and I) sat down and decided on what date i should fly to England in Sept.. as my parents gave me the dates, the realization of me leaving the country in less than three months came into my mind... and i started to be unsure about whether or not i should go..

Then i thought of what are the positive things if i do.. and was happy.. and said to myself this is a phase in life Sabrina that you have to take. Once in a life time to live in another country and experience the cultures there. And that was it.. it got me through the thought of not to go or go?

Hmm.. another thing is that i heard that our SEM7 graduation will be held on the 16th of August in PENANG! lol.... holiday while graduating?? how exciting... hahaha... Well i have to confirm little bitty tiny details with the college tomorrow as i was just too lifeless and lazy today to call them...

Alright then matey's i'll catch up soon.. byeee
P.S does anyone know anyone that will give me a job for 2 months?

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