Saturday, 23 June 2007

Not too bad these past two days...

Went to Maison last night with becky, fion and wei.. it was packed as hell!! lol i don't have the pics yet as becky is busy at work.. so when she's free she'll give them to me. Had to be back by 2am so.... had to leave early =(.

Tonight i hanged out with my mate that I've known for 19 years and 6 months (for real, this is how old i am too =D) she's back from Ireland and we're busy planning on how we are going to meet up over Xmas break when I'm in England.
Anyways..... here are some more pics that i took in England... Enjoy peeps.

Me in the car... on the way to somewhere.

A rainbow i saw in Birmingham on the way for a Chinese dinner.

A guard at the tower of London with me.

Buckingham Palace

Me and my Aunt in front of Buckingham

The guard changing positions at Buckingham Palace, we were quite lucky that day to see this and that the queen was there.

This is baby Kirstin.. Gemma's baby (my cousin's baby) with me.. she soooo tiny.. hehehe

HEHEHEHEHEHE SOOOOO CUTE... i miss this baby.

This is Grace..... Katie's baby (my cousin's baby) her face here is soooo cute.. it's like 'What you looking at??' ahahhaa cuteness!!

HAHA the baby's are soooo cute i tell you. I couldn't resist but entertain them the whole day!!

Okays till then... have a good night and byeeee

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