Friday, 25 January 2008

Chinese New Year cookies from the Krumbs.

What is Krumbs??

Krumbs is a business project by two friends – one with a great passion for food, writing and creative designs, the other; an artistic soul with inspiring talent in the world of digital animation and stage performances. Years of friendship have led them to dream far and by putting together their passions and ambitions, they hope to run a café of their own someday. (

I know that everyone celebrating Chinese new year has already got tons of cookies stored away in their house already.. but.. Krumbs offers different cookies from the normal ones we have this festive season.
You won't regret it i promise!

So visit their site... and do a little ordering and when it's in your hands you wont be regretting.

here is the site one more time..

Till the next update stay tuned and enjoy those cookies!


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