Friday, 4 January 2008

My birthday.

Hey all.. my promised update on my birthday is here.... haha...
Just wanna thank all those who wished and sent me a birthday card for my birthday.
As well as those who celebrated with me when i was here ; Chie, Junie, Elia, Shaam and Aliaa.
Im 20 already.. getting old.. haha. okay then... enjoy the pictures!

Chie and me. Junie and me
Al and Me

Me getting my cake at 12am on the 29th of Dec.

Group pic.

Think i was saying Cucur. haha

Present time!! hehehehe =D

Shaam, Me and Elia - They got me Boots!

Elia and Me waiting for the bus.

Birthday dinner and party - Me, Elia and Shaam

Shaam and the birthday girl

Al and me.. =)

The three... kurang one.
Erm thats it for now.. nothing much else i guess. hehe. Next update about new years! it was nothing big! dont worry. haha. not a lot of pictures from there. Oh... and also about the update of my first encounter with snow.. well playing with it at least!

Till the next update stay tuned!


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