Monday, 14 January 2008


Hi all,

Just a short update... I went to uni today to print out our comms audit assignment.. it was 15K words... and erm.. well we spent like 18pounds in printing times 18 by 7 and that's how much it was in ringgit.. crazy shit. haha well dont worry im sure i'll get my money back from the client.

In other news, Sham and Elia are leaving tomorrow to fly back to msia for about a month. Leaving Al and me here... to .. erm.. i dont know. as i said in my previous post.. no lappie to use! =( how nice.. hahahah im sure we will go to uni to use the comps tho. haha

Well i hope sham and elia have a blast back in malaysia.. and erm.. me and aliaa have a fun holiday as well in england. haha

Okay. till the next update peeps.. take care!


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