Saturday, 19 January 2008


Hi all... just wanted to keep you all updated on what i have been doing for the past 5 days...

I handed in my comms audit assignment and sent off elia and sham at the bus station hangged out abit in town and then went home and catched up with Dian... as she is leaving leeds soon.

We (Al and me) woke up at 3pm! hahahah. i know late and lazy cows huh?? then we had some lunch.. then we watched some t.v..... then that's abt it.

We (Al and me) woke up at 3pm again... then we hangged out with dian at my place... then... i decided to go out with pinky and the spanish to oceana.. it was a good fun night.. pictures will be posted some time i guesS? haha when i get the pictures. got home at around 6.45? haha and then slept until 3pm again....

Woke up at 3pm again.. we both.. (coz al is sleeping in my room) we didnt do much.. then we got invited to go to hafiz place for some Nasi Lemak!! yay!! and then... we came back and i went to watch a movie at pinky's place. got back around 4am..

We finally broke the waking up time to 1pm.. as we wanted to go out to the city to shop! I got two dresses, a hat and leggings for tonight and tomorrow night

Tonight and tomorrow night
Heading over to revolution for a night out with Dian as it's our last night out together in town.
Sat night party at clemens - purpose of it - going away party cum christina's bday party.

Having dinner at one of the Malaysian houses... Ayam masak merah! with rice... mmmmm... nice? definately... but we'll see.

That wraps up my week...... nxt week probably the same but not going out. hahaha. no more money already... budget sabrina... budget.....

Alright till the next update stay tuned and take care everyone.


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