Sunday, 13 January 2008


Hi all, im blogging just for the sake of blogging. haha... Well i guess i wont be blogging much for a month as i have no laptop at Kirkstall. Yup.. probably have to go to Uni to use the net or just use junie's laptop once in awhile.

This is because... Elia and sham are returning to malaysia and they are bringing back their laptops as well as mine as it needs to be fixed.. hopefully they can fix it so that my parents wont need to buy a new one for me. haha. But.. if its just the same amount of money buying a new one to repair my old one they might as well just buy right? ? haha.

Alright lets just update the blog with random pics. haha. these pics definitely didnt appear before so dont worry.. you will be seing diff pics at the same occasions prob? haha. Alright enjoy.....
HAHAHAHAH erm.. my birthday night in Elia's room??

She force me to carry her one.. hahahhaa Elia and me
Me and Dian... ahahha funny face.. at our chinese dinner going away dinner?

Me and Clemens same place same reason

Pinky looks hot!

Me in primark.. i love this hoodie!!

Al and me ermmmm.. Malay celebration.. cant remember what already.. the one where they chop the cow.

Al and me.. girls day out

Me and Sham. girls day out
Elia talking to Shaz on the phone while walking to the bus stop?

Its SNOW!!! hahahahaOne sunny day.. i decided to take a pic.. this is the view out of my window..

SAme but in normal colour!

MY lunch on that sunny day.. haha erm.. its maggi la.. nothing special..

SNow,sham and i.

Me on our xmas party night!

Sham and I

Us in Santa hats. haha

Elia and me.. dancing and posing?! haha

Al and Sham. hahaha poser giler.

My Grandma's house decorated. XmasMy grandma...opening her presents!

My presents that i got!

Oh Christmas Tree oh christmas tree...

Turkey, Sprouts, Stuffing, Potatos, Carrots, Roast Pork - Xmas dinner

Right.. i think that can keep you all updated for a month right? hahaha.

Anyway.. Stay tuned. you never know i may be able to blog from junie's laptop.. Ok then.. that's it for this post!

Take care!

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